Where should we get our listing signs printed?

Our preferred Vendor is Oakley Signs. They  offer Real Broker agents a discount.RLTR25 and if that doesn’t work, you can email keithoakleysign@gmail.comHere is the website: https://www.oakleysign.com/realbroker/

How do we handle referrals?

Step 1: complete/sign Referral Fee AgreementC.A.R. form RFA (fully executed) Step 2: Add client in FUB and then on the left side (with all the links) there will be one flabeled Referral Lease Submission https://www.cognitoforms.com/thebrandrealty1/referralorleasesubmissionform complete and upload the fully executed RFA form. If the link isn’t there or unable to upload the RFA then please send it to tc@thebrandrealty.com (One of […]

What is my login for Rezen?

Try firstname.lastname@joinreal.com or your personal email address. If those do not work, contact support@therealbrokerage.com For those agents that were already here when we joined Real it may be firstname@seavillarealty.com

Where do I go to find an open house to host?

First choice should be to go to the #openhouse Slack channel for team listings.If there are none available or the locations don’t work, the second choice would be to reach out to other Real agents, you can search via the MLS or Workplace.The last choice would be to find ideally a vacant home in the MLS and contact the agent for permission.DRE has softened […]