Welcome to The Real Sandbox

  • Make sure you have the REAL BROKERAGE APP downloaded to your phone
  • Locate:
    • Tracking your equity
    • Tracking your transactions
    • Tracking your rev share
    • Tracking your downline
    • Sharing the app link that is tied directly to you for onboarding agents

Set up Workplace App & Discover the Content

  • Sign up for a REAL Orientation in Workplace – HERE
  • Set up alerts for these, join training sessions,  and pick up referrals from other REAL agents in different markets
  • Consider joining the following REAL groups in Workplace
    • Break Room – This is our town hall. General announcements/questions, friendly conversation, and the perfect place to introduce yourself to your new Real family.
    • Marketing Matters – Community of agent-driven marketing questions and conversations with links to a weekly Zoom Mastermind hosted by Tim Macy
    • Referral Central – Send and receive requests for referral partners for all Real agents. Please notice the requested format pinned at the top of the group.
    • Real Academy – All Real sponsored training sessions are posted here. I recommend checking weekly to add at least two training sessions monthly for growth opportunities and building better relationships across the platform. Access the Knowledge Base – HERE
    • Marketing Center – Links to and information about Real specific marketing.
    • Your State Group – Your Managing broker uses this platform to provide state-specific insight, information, requirements, and events.
    • Download the REAL Training Calendar – HERE
    • Access the 12-Week New Agent Training course – HERE


  • REAL uses Skyslope for transaction coordination and offers weekly live training sessions on how to use it.
  • If you don’t have a transaction coordinator, I recommend hiring one on a cost-per-file basis for listing and transaction coordination. (The Brand Agents, we have inhouse TCs that you will use)
  • The cost is typically $400-$600 per file and is WELL worth the money to buy back your time and stay in your lane.
  • If you get stuck and need help on Skyslope, our team’s in-house transaction coordinators are SkySlope experts, and you can email them for help.
  • tc@thebrandrealty.com and cc keeli@thebrandrealty.com

Chime IDX Site

  • One of the BIG benefits of being with us at REAL is getting a Chime site and CRM for $25 per month.
    • A single-user Chime account usually is $400+ per month
  • Inside your app
    • Go to Profile
    • Scroll down to Chime, hit subscribe
    • Buy a domain on GoDaddy
      • We recommend branding a name vs. branding a location
  • You can supercharge your Chime site with Hatch Messaging

Leverage our Tech Partnerships

Consider Opt in for SPP (Stock Purchase Plan)
  • You can contribute up to $15,000 yearly from your commissions to REAL stock.
  • You can contribute 5% before you cap and then 10% once you have capped until you hit the $15,000
  • One year later, REAL gives you $8000 in a stock match with a one-year vest.
  • FREE money
Earn Your Cap Back
  • Pay the $4000 or $12,000 in Cap fees (85/15 split until Cap is hit)
  • Pay the $6,000 in transaction fees ($225 per file) OR sell $500,000 in GCI, and you have earned the elite status
    • This pays you $16,000 in a stock grant
    • This has a three-year vesting period
  • REAL corporate will reach out to have you teach a class in the REAL university each month to contribute back to the culture
    • You can then earn another $8,000 in a stock grant
    • This also has a three-year vesting period

Build Rev Share

  • Rev share = mailbox money, BUT you have the responsibility to mentor and help the people you bring into the sandbox grow and THRIVE
  • If you want to build rev share and attract agents let us know so, we can help you
  • Rev share pays you on each transaction the person you attracted brings in the following levels:
    • Tier One (people you attracted direct): $4,000
      • Unlocked when you have directly brought in 1-9 people
    • Tier Two (one level removed from you): $3,200
      • Unlocked when you have directly brought in 10 people
    • Tier Three (two levels removed from you): $2,400
      • Unlocked when you have brought in 15 people
    • Tier Four (three levels removed from you): $1,600
      • Unlocked when you have directly brought in 20 people
    • Tier Five (four levels removed from you: $800
      • Unlocked when you have directly brought in 25 people
  • Do’s and Don’ts on Rev Share
    • Talk about the opportunity with agents you like and do business with
    • Do not be salesy, do not be pushy, do not reach out to people you don’t know, and do not cold call agents to join (these actions are not consistent with our culture and can get you kicked out of the company)
    • We call it “attracting” and do not use the word “Recruiting” or “Downline.”
    • Talk about the community and our Sandbox, not rev share on social media.
    • Be a great storyteller on your social media
  • Follow our process to help build rev share
    • When someone is interested in REAL, send them this link and have them watch the video by Tim Macy.  This video explains the basic economics of REAL.
    • Schedule a call or Zoom to talk through the opportunity with them
    • Leverage Serri & Tina for a follow-up Zoom if they are interested in learning more
    • Calendly link for REAL Zoom calls is: https://calendly.com/serri & calendly.com/tinaking
    • Do not be shy about using either Serri or Tina for third-party validation for you and to help get the person in under you; this is one of the ways we support you and help you build your Rev Share
    • If needed, we may pull Erik Hatch or someone from Corporate REAL in to make sure we do everything possible to help you close and bring on agents you are attracting

Office Visits/Training

  • Our team opens up our offices for training every Tuesday.  You can access our Zoom Events page at www.thebrandevents.com (you must be signed into Zoom to see the list of events) 
  • You can drop in with prior approval from The Brand Leadership and use the black meeting pods in the center of our office during regular office hours at our main office locations for The Brand Realty (if space is available)

Real Support

In your app, go to support

    • Call the support number direct at 1-646-859-2368
  • We recommend reaching out to your states designated broker 
  • Please remember REAL is a young company and a ground-floor opportunity, so everything will not always be perfect. We have seen how committed the corporate team is to fixing issues when they arise, but please have patience and professionalism if a problem arises.
  • If you feel like you are getting nowhere with support, reach out to keeli@thebrandrealty.com  directly, and she will see if there is anything she can do to help.

hatch coaching perks

  • Weekly Hatch Huddle (Group Coaching and Mastermind), Mondays at 8 am PST/11am EST (not on holidays).
  • Monthly Mastermind on Growing Revenue Share
  • Join the Facebook Group – The Agent Sandbox
  • Annual In-Person Masterminds
    • 2-3x per year, we will have an in-person mastermind that Hatch may invite you to attend
    • The cost of attending is free; you simply need to pay for your airfare and hotel, and food
  • Hatch Summit
    • We highly encourage you to attend the September Hatch Summit in Fargo, ND.  
    • This event is unlike any other real estate conference, and you will walk away with a ton of value from attending it
    • There is a cost to participate in the event; however, being in our Sandbox, you will get a significant discount
    • Learn more at Hatch Summit – Hatch Coaching
    • To get a discount on the ticket, use the code:
      • hatchsandbox20