Jun Rey Viajedor

Marketing Manager/Graphic Designer/Web Developer

Greetings, I’m Jun Rey Viajedor, hailing from the beautiful Philippines. Presently, I am honored to hold the role from a Marketing Assistant to Marketing Manager, a role that has provided me with numerous opportunities to learn, grow, and contribute. Over the course of nearly three years, I’ve been an essential part of The Brand Realty Team. Throughout my journey, one person has consistently stood out as a pillar of support and inspiration in my professional pursuits – it’s Serri Rowell. Her unwavering guidance and encouragement have been instrumental in shaping my daily work and aiding me in achieving milestones that were once distant dreams. With her invaluable insights, I’ve not only excelled in my role but also realized my cherished aspiration of building a house, a dream that Serri played a significant role in transforming into reality.

As I continue to immerse myself in the world of marketing, I remain dedicated to the values of hard work, collaboration, and growth. The Brand Realty has been more than a workplace; it has been a platform where dreams materialize and ambitions take flight. With each passing day, I am motivated to contribute to the success of the company and to further develop my skills in the ever-evolving realm of marketing. Thank you for taking a glimpse into my journey, and I eagerly anticipate the chapters that lie ahead in both my professional and personal life.