Expectations for OSAs in Elite & Traditional

Attend Every Thursday Team Meetings

Maintain 50
team leads max in database

Keep quality & consistent notes in FUB

Participate in Monthly Database Meetings

Participate in Team Slack Channels & respond to DMs

Commit to being Coachable & Accountable

At Least 1 Closed Deal/Quarter

Use and maintain Team Google Calendar

Additional Requirements for Elite



18+ deals in calendar year
Full time (40+ hours per week)
Attend all Referral Partner Mtgs Live
Maintain Referral Partner KPIs
Post in shadow me Slack channel
Guest lead training
Participate in team huddles


2 Referral Partner Programs
Access to Lead Pond
ABC channel lead Slack channel
ABC referral partners lead Slack channel
ISA lead access, assignment, and support
Quarterly Lunch with Serri
Elevated TC Support
Elevated Marketing Support

Additional Requirements for Traditional


Attend Objection Handling Live
Hit at least 3000 FUB Leaderboard Points per Week
If Full Time:
Attend all Referral Partner mtgs
Maintain RP KPIs
If less than 6 deals 2023: Attend Monday Sales Training Live
If Zillow, Friday Sales Training Live (if conversion <10%)



Access to Lead Pond
ABC channel lead Slack channel
If Full Time – eligible to apply:
Referral Partner Lead Program – 1 if Flex; up to 2 if not Flex
ABC referral partners lead Slack channel
1+ TBR Power Hour per Week
1+ Open House per Month
Team Huddles
Tuesday training
Monday Sales training (required for new agents/agents <6 deals)

Independent Non-Lead Program



$199 per month tech fee until two closings for the year, then no fee – resets each year
Thursday Team Mtg – Attend live OR watch recording
Must close 1 deal every 6 months


Team Resources/Training Access

TBR Lead Programs

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Lead Program or Referral Partner Change Request

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